Henry’s Music Hall Private Table Options

Available Friday and Saturday nights, 10pm-1:45am. To reserve your table please complete the form below or call Claudia at 217-254-3042 or Isabella at 768-383-6708.

Private Tables include the following:

  • No waiting in line.
  • Free admission for everyone in the party.
  • Top shelf liquors and/or champagnes of your choice.
  • Plush seating for your group.
  • Private VIP server.

Bottle Packages

The Monroe: $400

Our Monroe package is perfect for a smaller group.
Enjoy 1 premium bottle of liquor including a bottle of Moet champagne to start off the night with the most perfect cheers.
Comfortably serves 3-6 people.

The Hendrix: $800

Named after our good friend, Jimmy, our Hendrix package is just the right fit for a group who is ready to party!
Enjoy 2 premium bottles of liquor, this package includes a bottle of Moet champagne to start (and end) the night off the right way.
Comfortably serves 6-9 people.

The Duke: $1,200

You’re it. The best bottle package in town.
Enjoy 3 premium bottles of liquor, this package includes a bottle of Dom Perignon.
If you didn’t have anything to celebrate when you got here, you do now. Cheers!
Comfortably serves 10-16 people.

Bottle Service Options


Tito’s Handmade … $300
Grey Goose … $350
Ketel One … $350


Bacardi Superior … $300
Capitan Morgan … $300


Casamigos Blanco … $300
Casamigos Reposado/Mezcal … $350
Patrón Silver … $350
Don Julio Reposado … $350


Bombay Sapphire … $300
Tanqueray … $300
Hendricks … $350

Other Spirits

Jameson … $300
Crown Royal/Crown Royal Apple … $300
Woodford Reserve … $350


Moët & Chandon Imperial Brut … $250
Veuve Cliquot Brut … $250
Dom Perignon … $400

Reserve Your Table

Reserve Your Table

Format: MM/DD/YYYY. Enter the date in which you would like to request your reservation. Note: reservations can only be requested for friday nights and/or saturday nights.
All parties must cancel by 12pm the day of reservation. If the party fails to cancel by 12pm the day of reservations then the $100.00 cancelation fee will be charged. If the party has failed to arrive by 12am midnight without any notification to the hostess then the table that was reserved for you and your party will be canceled. No questions asked.

Policy + terms + conditions:

  • Everyone in the party must be of age or older (21+).
  • From 10pm (opening) – 12am (midnight) all parties must arrive.
  • Please make sure everyone in the party has their IDs out for security to check before entering the building.
  • The party is held responsible to notify the hostess if their arrival time is going to be after 12am (midnight).
  • If the party is tardy and fails to notify the hostess by 12am (midnight) then the reservation will be canceled and open to another available party.
  • All checks will include tax and an automatic 20% gratuity.
  • Table minimums starting at $300.

How to cancel your reservation:

  • If a party wishes to cancel reservation then please contact us no later than 12pm – the day of reservation.
  • If a party fails to contact a representative to cancel their reservation before 12pm – the day of reservation – then the debit/credit card that is on file (from step 2 ‘finalizing your reservation’) will be charged a nonrefundable cancelation fee of $100.00.
  • If the party does not want the card on file (from step 2) to be used as a payment method then please have the card that your party wishes to use as payment available and handed to the hostess or server before entering the building. * your card will be stored in a safe place and given back when cardholder requests the check. *
  • If the cardholder is the only person in the party one that will have the authorization to order: bottles, drinks, alcohol, check, etc. Others party members will have to be approved by cardholder to make an order.
  • Your server and hostess will provide all VIP-bottle services & party needs. Please do not ask any bartenders or security for drinks, bottles, or the party’s check.
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